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Saving Energy and Money: SusWoT working with CHEESE

SusWoT have linked up with a local  organisation called CHEESE.

CHEESE will make a video showing the heat loss, using thermal imaging cameras, in your home and give advice on how to improve things.

Mike Andrews of CHEESE came to our Christmas drinks at the Victoria and briefly explained what CHEESE did.  Mike Crabbe and Alex Dunn from SusWoT met Mike to discuss how SusWoT and CHEESE could work together to help people in Westbury on Trym save energy and hence money.

The first stage of this collaboration will be two open meetings at the Victoria, Chock Lane on Thursday 23 February and Thursday 2 March at 8pm.  You are invited to come to either or both of these meetings.

At the meeting on 23 February Mike Andrews and a colleague will be showing off the equipment they use to show where properties lose heat and explaining how the survey process works.  There is a link to a video of this process below.

At the meeting on 2 March SusWoT will explain to SusWotters how the process survey works and discuss how SusWoT can promote the surveys and develop a plan for energy saving work to be organised.  Mike Andrews wont be at this meeting but we hope a representative of CHEESE will be there.

At both meetings you will be able to sign up for a survey.  You can also sign up to have the survey through the Cheese website .

Cheese would like to sign up 10 people to have a survey on their home.  These surveys need to take place before Easter 2017, as after that it will be too warm to do a survey effectively.  So far one person from the Christmas meeting has already booked a survey.
Video of the Survey Process:  (Password is cheese)

This video is quite old 2015 and more modern kit is being used now, but it does give an excellent idea of how the survey works.

I think this project offers us a great opportunity to help Westbury households reduce their energy consumption so saving money in a practical doable way.

If you are unable to come to the meetings you can signup for a survey here.

February Open Meeting ‘Climate Change’

There will be an open meeting of SusWoT on Thursday 25 February from 8pm at the Post Office Tavern.  The aim of the meeting is to come up with practical things we could do in Westbury to reduce Westbury’s impact on the climate.  It is likely that this will mean looking for ways that we can reduce the amount of energy that is used by the village.

The proposed format is to work in small groups, and see what ideas people have, and whether those ideas can be turned into practical actions.  So it is an opportunity to indulge in some blue sky thinking and then see if there are practical ways to put the ideas into reality.

It may be that any ideas produced will lead to mini projects for us.

It is also about people having an enjoyable evening!  We have asked for a space to be reserved fron us at the right hand end of the pub.


LifeCycleUK @ WoT Market



A big thank you from LifeCycleUK for all the bikes donated at last Saturday’s Local Produce Market:

“We picked up 30 bikes on the day, so could I ask you to pass our (Life Cycle’s) thanks to SusWoT for their efforts the people of WoT and surrounds for donating their bikes to us.

The bikes will go to one of two projects

  • Adult bikes – will be refurbished at the prison and sold (at low cost) in the city centre
  • Kids bikes – will be swapped or sold at £10 each

Both projects aim to get or keep people cycling, especially those on low incomes. If bikes are to far gone to be refurbished, we take whatever parts we can from them and re-use them.

Interesting meeting for young and old in North Bristol

Susredland and Susbishopston have organised a discussion forum on sustainability and low energy living with the students at Redland Green School on March 28th at 3.30pm. We’d love as many children and parents  to come as possible. We’re starting with excerpts from Beyond the Brink,  and will split the children  into groups to talk about different issues with the aim of coming up with action. We’re keen to bolster the groups with adults from local sustainability groups, partly to make it more interesting for all parties, but also to put a community wide slant on to both the event and the issues.

So please, please come.

If you can make it, could you get in touch with me

Many thanks – Hamish Wills, Susredland

December edition of Suswot Quarterly published

The December 2011 suswot newsletter is now available.

Reducing your energy bill

Advice for householders in Westbury

The certainties in this world used to be death and taxes but unfortunately we are now experiencing a third – the ever increasing cost of energy.  In association with the Parish Church, we are taking advantage of a professional energy advice service offered by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) based in Bedminster. This CSE advisory service is part of a national initiative to help as many people as possible to reduce their costs of energy.

The advice ranges over many issues – not just loft and cavity wall insulation. The CSE can help householders understand their fuel bills and use their heating controls correctly as well as giving advice on switching energy suppliers and/or finding a cheaper tariff. They will highlight the benefits of low energy lighting and appliances such as washing machines and fridges that use less electricity. If damp and condensation is a problem, again advice is available.

Following the changes in the economics of installing solar panels and the Feed-in-Tariff, there will be an opportunity to explore the costs and benefits under the new arrangements.

Sometimes a simple piece of advice can have huge impact. For example, explaining to an elderly and isolated person how to control their heating system properly helps them steer a course between high fuel bills on the one hand and risks of hypothermia on the other.

In Westbury College on Saturday 28 January 10.30 to 2.00

Price £4.00, including a light lunch, payable on the day
To reserve a place contact
Keith Yeandel : 07881951194
Tracy Tainton:

SusWot swap stall at Local produce market

Following the success of the swap stall at the recent Westbury on Trym Flower show, SusWot will be having a regular stall at the Westbury Local produce market.  Bring unwanted gifts books, or garden produce and swap it for something on the stall.  If you do not have anything to swap, you are welcome to take something in return for a donation to SusWot. Unfortunately we cannot take large items such as furniture. The next market is on Saturday 24th September, 9am to 1pm at Westbury on Trym Primary Care Centre (near the Methodist church).