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Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Rubbish

Sometimes you need 4 barrows!

Monday to Wednesday rubbish!

Cleaning the Trym from Sylvan Way bridge towards Shirehampton Road

Sunday Rain Stops Cleaning

Paddling in the Trym Clearing the Trym on Thursday

The rain over the weekend of 26th  and 27th July proved a huge boost to the project to Clean the Trym.  Instead of 10 people spending a couple of hours cleaning the Trym the activity was rescheduled to take place each evening from Monday to Thursday.  In all 27 people helped clear the river and remove the litter in the surrounding area. All the rubbish here was collected on Thursday.  Several tonnes had been collected on the previous days.


Somebody has lost their spare tyreAn incredible amount of rubbish came out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but these pictures show just some of the stuff we got on Thursday.





Some of rubbish collected on Thursday  Max and Sarah admire their work.





This was a tough one.

This board was moved about 300m so that it could be collected by Bristol Waste.  The gate was particularly challenging and we needed two wheelbarrows and 4 people


Cleaning the Trym

On Monday 30 July SusWoT started cleaning the Trym

Dawn and Vanessa Cleaning the Trym

Dawn and Vanessa Clearing the Trym on Monday 30 July

We plan to spend 4 days doing this, from Monday 30 July until Thursday 2 August, weather permitting.

The water is very low so it is quite productive.  On Monday we extracted this.


Max with Monday’s rubbish

The biggest challenge is getting the rubbish to the collection point in the car park, wheelbarrows are vital for this and there are heavy pipes, tyres, carpets that are not easy to carry.

If you want to help please come along.  You will need wellies if you want to get in the water.


Canford Rose Garden

20180702_215412Canford Park at dusk

SusWoT and WoTSoc together in the Park

Hilary Long of WoTSoc has been leading a team of gardeners from both groups in a revamp of the Rose Garden in Canford Park.  They have been working with the Parks Department and Urban Buzz to make the Garden more manageable.  Over the next few weeks it is hoped the work will be finished, although the weather is making things difficult.

Buglife and Urban Buzz in the park

Work is ongoing and it will be a while before it is finished but progress is being made.  Here is a presentation from Hayley Herridge about the new pollinator garden.


Litter Picking this Sunday 24 June 11-1

This Sunday, 24 June, we will be litter picking in Westbury.  There will be two teams one doing round the cemetery and the other Clover Grounds and Home Ground etc.

Last month we collected this

image1 (2)

If you want to join us email all kit provided.  And a drink at he Mouse afterwards!

Litter Picking Sunday 27 May

Sunday Morning was very wet and the planned 11 am start was cancelled.  This was a shame as we had a team of ten ready to go.  By lunchtime the weather was better and three enthusiastic pickers decided to give a couple of hours to clear some litter in Clover Grounds.

Well done to Heather and Liz who joined Alex.  Although the Three three worked hard they could not match the stupendous harvest of litter garnered from Sheepwood the previous month.


Sam and Di who worked with Liz and James in Sheepwood in April.

However Alex was very proud to have found a lorry tyre and Liz and Heather extracted a pushchair and a set of luggage.


Six person hours and 2 dog hours were needed to collect this litter


The Happy Team after their Picking!

SusWoT organises litter picking in Westbury on the last Sunday of every month.  Be in touch if you want to help.

Litter Picking in Westbury

SusWoT had a successful litter pick on Sunday 29 April, part of the plan to have a targeted litter pick every last Sunday of the month.  We are also looking at having an evening pick in the week.  If you want to help email us.

Sam and Di Sheepwood 2

Di and Sam(right) part of the team that removed 18 bags of rubbish from Sheepwood.

Four sacks of rubbish were also collected from around the Library and Canford lane adjacent to Canford Park and the footpath between Canford Lane and Henbury Road.  There was not enough time to tackle Home Ground and its surroundings.

The next litter pick will be on Sunday 27 May.