This is the current constitution revised following the AGM in 2019.

Constitution for Sustainable Westbury-on-Trym (SusWoT)

1. Name

The name of the group shall be Sustainable Westbury-on-Trym (SusWoT).

2. Aims and Objectives

To make Westbury-on-Trym a more a pleasant and vibrant place to live.  To reduce the harm caused to the environment locally and endeavour to improve it.  To work with other groups to fulfill these aims and objectives. To make the activities of SusWoT enjoyable.

3. Membership

Membership of the group is open to people interested in working together to achieve the above aims and objectives.  Members should respect other members and their views.

4. Officers

4.1 Chairperson to facilitate the smooth running of meetings and ensure that decisions are made.

4.2 Secretary whose task will be to inform everyone of meetings and produce the minutes of meetings. This work will be shared with the Chairperson.

4.3 Treasurer who will oversee the SusWoT funds, including accounting for income and expenditure. The Treasurer will give regular financial reports to the Membership.

4.4 Publicity Officer, whose responsibility is to publicise and promote SusWoT and SusWoT events.

5. Meetings

5.1 Meetings will be open to all.

5.2 Meetings will be governed by the constitution, and to achieve a quorum, the minimum number present shall be six. The aim is for decisions to be made through consensus. When consensus is not possible, the meeting will take a simple majority vote of all those attending.

5.3 The meeting may decide to set up a working group on a particular issue.  The working group will report to each meeting.

5.4 The meeting of members can suggest that SusWoT affiliates to other organizations.  The Chair is responsible for organizing the affiliation.

5.5 Throughout the year, there should be a minimum of eight meetings, and an AGM.

5.6 At each meeting the minutes of the previous meeting will be ratified.

6. AGM

6.1 A date will be set for the AGM, with at least 21 days notice given. The meeting will report on SusWoT’s activities throughout the year. Reports will be given by the Chairperson and Treasurer. Other reports, e.g. from working groups, may also be given. Written reports will be sent to the Chairperson at least three days prior to the meeting.

6.2 If members would like items included in the any other business section of the AGM, they should give the Chairperson details in writing ten days before the event.

6.3 To be eligible to vote at the AGM, members must have been on the SusWoT mailing list at the time of the previous meeting. A simple majority of votes by people in this category will be used to reach a decision at the AGM. Should there be an equal number of votes, the Chairperson will cast the deciding vote.

6.4 The following year’s Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected at the AGM.

6.5 Other general or extraordinary general meetings can also be called by an agreement of at least six members.  Such meetings will be organized through the Secretary, or in their absence the Chairperson, and 14 days notice given.

6.6 The Quorum for the AGM shall be six.

7. Finances

7.1 The Treasurer will maintain records and account to the membership for all monies and ensure the financial procedures that apply to the financial management of SusWoT projects are followed.

7.2 Withdrawals from the group’s bank account will be made by the Treasurer or another Officer appointed at the AGM.  There will be 3 nominated signatories in total: the Treasurer, Chairperson and Secretary.

7.3 The SusWoT accounts will run from 1st January to 31st December.

8. Alteration of the Constitution

8.1 Any proposal to alter the Constitution must be approved at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting, by a 2/3 majority of those present. At least 21 days notice must be given for the meeting.

8.2 Any proposal to alter the Constitution must highlight the part of the Constitution to be amended, and include the exact wording of the proposed amendment.

9. Termination of membership

9.1 If the actions of a member shall, in the opinion of the membership, harm the group’s interests, the membership is empowered to suspend him or her.

9.2 Termination of the membership will be agreed by a 2/3 majority of those present.

10. Dissolution of the Group

10.1 The group may be dissolved only at the AGM, or at a special meeting convened for the purpose. At least 21 days notice must be given for the meeting. The motion to dissolve must be carried by a 2/3 majority of members present.

10.2 Before the vote is taken, the members shall determine how assets of the group shall be disposed of. After dispensing of any debts and liabilities, remaining assets shall be transferred to other charitable organisations with similar objectives to Sustainable Westbury-on-Trym, which the meeting considers suitable.

The amended Constitution was adopted on 25 April 2019……………………

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