Eat WoT U Grow Lunch 2016

When: Sunday 2 October 2016 12:30 for 1:00 to 3:30pm


Apples by Crabchick

Where: At The Scout Hut at the top of Great Brockeridge Westbury-on-Trym

The idea behind this annual social community event  is that Matt, a trained ex professional chef, will prepare, cook and serve 50 to 60 inquisitive people a three couse lunch from local season produce.  Although the title suggests you have to grow your own food, this is not a pre-requisite for coming to enjoy the three couse meal.  We will be selling our well accepted apple juice and you are welcome to bring your own wine.

If you do have s surplus of fruit or vegetables let us know and we may be able to use it.

If you would like to come, or have surplus produce or just want to learn more contact us at: .




Westbury Community Fair on Sat 7 May

SusWoT Stall

SusWoT will have a stall at the Community Fair.  We will be selling tomato plants and various seeds at low prices to encourage people to grow their own.  Tomato plants have been grown from seed and cost 50p each.  Varieties available include:

Sungold a cherry tomato


Tumbling Tom for hanging baskets


Outdoor Girl

Beefmaster for beef tomatos.

There may be others.

Seeds will include

Coriander, basil, parsley.



Squash and Pumpkin

Apple Juice

We hope to have apple juice available for sale by the bottle too.

The Fair site is flyer is  here:  Flyer







February Open Meeting ‘Climate Change’

There will be an open meeting of SusWoT on Thursday 25 February from 8pm at the Post Office Tavern.  The aim of the meeting is to come up with practical things we could do in Westbury to reduce Westbury’s impact on the climate.  It is likely that this will mean looking for ways that we can reduce the amount of energy that is used by the village.

The proposed format is to work in small groups, and see what ideas people have, and whether those ideas can be turned into practical actions.  So it is an opportunity to indulge in some blue sky thinking and then see if there are practical ways to put the ideas into reality.

It may be that any ideas produced will lead to mini projects for us.

It is also about people having an enjoyable evening!  We have asked for a space to be reserved fron us at the right hand end of the pub.


Village Show

Do come and visit our stall at the Westbury-on-Trym Village show this Saturday, 5th September from 11m-5pm.

  • We will have a new tranport display attempting to make sense of the myriad of alternatives to car travel in the city.
  • Sign up for our locally-sourced community lunch on Sunday 20th September – see the report of our last lunch here.
  • Meet the SusWoT worms as they chill in their 5-star wormery.

Apple Pressing Saturday 18 October at Falcondale Road Allotments

SusWoT will be at the National Trust apple pressing event which runs from 11am to 3pm.   We will also be showing off one of our wormeries and selling overwintering broad beans seeds very cheap to plant in the next month.

Bring along some apples and go home with some tasty, fresh juice. Don’t forget to bring a bottle with you!

Have a go at making your own juice with the National Trust. Find out how to use a scratter before flexing your muscles with the press!

For more information please email Nicole at or find us on Facebook or

Enter The Westbury-on-Trym Village Show Sat 6 September

SusWoT has its own category at the Village Show this year.  There are three SusWoT Categories at the village show.  You will need to enter by 5pm on Tuesday 2 September, Entry Information is here.

Class  TITLE
 91 Plant or Produce Grown from SusWoT Seeds or Plants  Open to All
 92 My First Plant or Produce  New Gardener
 93  Vegetarian Dish (sweet or savoury) where the main ingredient is home grown  Maximum Diameter 8″

Good luck.

Wormery report

I received my wormery in March and raring to go set it up straight away. The instruction leaflet seemed a bit odd but I followed the instructions anyway. Only later, after checking online did I realise my instinct had been correct and the instructions weren’t. (This was to do with covering the base with newspaper to stop the compost falling through). Anyway I hoped it wouldn’t matter as I didn’t want to start all over again.

I positioned the wormery in the garage hoping the worms would like the shelter, and put the lid on tight to make sure they could not escape. For the first few days they roamed around all over the inside of the bin. After a few days I started feeding them, as far as I could according with the instructions, giving them a small amount of food waste to begin with. However I was not sure what a small amount was so I erred on the side of caution.

Nearly two months later they are still there, they don’t seem to have eaten much of the food waste I have put in and they haven’t produced any liquid fertiliser. They have been moved to outside the back door and I’m feeding them eggshells and making sure the waste is not too wet. I hope they start being more productive soon. It would be interesting to know why some wormeries get going so much faster than others.