SusWoT Themes

SusWoT Themes

SusWoT is a member-led organisation and our projects reflect what those people want to pursue at any given time. Over the years, some have flourished, some have come to a point of maturity or completion and others are no longer active. These projects have tended to cluster around a small number of themes, though this list is not intended to limit any future possibilities.

Growing and Food

  • Get Growing – each year we raise and sell many vegetable seedlings for people to grow on at home.
  • Eat WoT U Grow – in the autumn we stage a 3 course meal for 60 people freshly cooked by a professional chef from locally grown ingredients

Past projects

  • Stoke Lane Community Garden – SusWoT supported the creation and funding of the community garden behid the Stoke Lane shops which is now well-established and self-sufficient.
  • Local Produce Market – we ran a local produce market one Saturday morning each month in the car park of the doctors’ surgery

Using Less

  • CHEESE – we support and promote an organisation that has developed thermal imaging technology to detect heat loss in homes to enable householders to take simple, cheap actions to improve their energy efficiency.


  • Badock’s Wood – we have helped to support the Friends of Badock’s Wood in their efforts to develop the nature reserve.

Local Community

  • Local fairs – we participate in various local fairs and events
  • Litter picking –  on the last Sunday in each month around the area
  • Planning – we take an interest in local planning issues